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Be organized and sort out your notes

You can tell if a person has money or not simply by looking at the way a person has placed their money into their wallets.

For those who respect and appreciate money, they have all the notes and coins neatly sorted.

For those who are broke or always lack money they will usually have a disorganized and messy wallet.

Arrange your notes in an upright position before placing them into your wallet because it has a huge influence over the energetic relationship between you, your wallet and your money.

You should consider getting getting a wallet with compartments.

This way you can organize your things neatly, instead of getting one without any pockets or pouches, it will be very messy.

Avoid using or buying a 2nd Hand Wallet

Never use a wallet that has been used before.

The previous owner’s energy has been in the wallet and it may influence you if you start using it.

You will never know if it will be good luck or bad.

It is best just to buy a brand new one instead.

For security keep your wallet in your front pocket as it makes it harder for pickpockets to steal, especially when travelling.

Wallet Feng Shui

Black is the most common and popluar traditional wallet color.

Black represents wealth and prosperity.

If you are looking for an advancement in career or success in your business, black is the color for you to buy.

Brown is also a very popular choice.

If you desire to increase your savings or have the habit of spending too much money, a brown wallet may even help you to save money.

Interesting Wallet Facts

Wallets were introduced in the 17th century.

Wallets were produced after the introduction of paper currency to the West in the 1600s.

Prior to paper currency, coin satchels ( usually a basic drawstring leather pouch ) were used for putting away coins.

The wallets were made usually of cow or horse leather.

The Diners Club credit card was introduced in the 1950s and claims the title of the first credit card in widespread use.

In some countries wallets are generally larger than others because of the currency used. Wallets used in Europe usually have a coin compartment as coins are still frequently used.

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